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  • Can this product be used on other ethnicities besides African Americans?
    YES! Our products are for any hair or skin type.
  • What is the difference between fragrances?
    We do offer option for fragrance oil versus essential oil. Our only 100% organic essential oil fragrances are Lavender, Lemongrass, Jasmine and Peppermint. All other flavors are fragrance oils. Our men’s scents are comprised of essential oil blends.
  • Do you ship outside of the continental US?
    Not currently
  • Can these products be used on babies?
    Yapheh Hair & Skin, LLC is a family owned business and we have been exclusively using our products ONLY on our babies since birth! So in short, YES!
  • Will your product grow my hair?
    Although we have been informed by numerous customers that our products have grown their hair, we do not market as a hair growth item because we do not want our products to risk being classified as a medicine.
  • Can I use my hair/skin product for off label uses
    YES! Because our products use all natural ingredients they are pretty safe to use off label such as using our hair products on skin and skin products on hair.
  • Do you offer free samples?
    We do not offer free samples at this time, but we do offer sample sizes/travel sizes on our website
  • Can I come and “shop” before purchasing?
    We are an online only store who frequently does local events in the Cincinnati/Dayton Ohio area. You may shop at ourpop-ups, otherwise we do not currently have a location for purchasing.
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